Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello world

This is Amy's blog for basic writing.


Wordage said...

Shout out to Amy!
Sitting next to Amy last class we had some good talk on writing and writers. I identified with her comments about the frequency of student work with lack of content. Frequently I see student work that lacks focus and doesn't seem to know what they are writing about. I would like to see those students spend more time with their writing and coming in during conference hours. How much does intimidation play into it? Of me of writing?

Amy said...

Writers who you know did well in high school...but their papers tend to lack substance? One of my students emailed me a draft recently and it had all of like one mechanical error. But the paper seemed to lack some kind of context to read it thru--the descriptions didn't seem to come from any particular perspective. I was reminded somewhat of Jean from The Discovery of Competence. Everything looks great on the level of the sentence, but there's something about it that doesn't seem right.