Monday, December 1, 2008

Deadline number three

If I am correct, today is the day my thesis is due (again). It's not done.

I work 50+ hours a week with erratic hours. It's pretty much the norm for me to be up until 5 am Friday and then get up at that time on Sunday. Now there are still plenty of hours left in the week, even if some of them are devoted to my husband. I've not been working very hard on my thesis in the past few weeks.

I decided that today I would come to campus with my husband and go to the library to work. That always is more successful than thinking I'll work at home. I brought my data, my drafts, my calculator, everything I would need. I sat at a table and set to work. But mostly I stared at my papers and felt tired. I wondered what was going on at Burger King right now. I thought about whether I needed to talk to my boss about anything when I stopped by this afternoon to drop off a calendar of events and the deposit key.

Maybe somewhere noisy would be better?

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